5 benefits when applying for a credit

Fintechs, companies and startups that provide credit to individuals and companies along the lines that were previously restricted to brokers and banks, continue to grow in Brazil. Therefore, it is important to know the benefits when applying for a credit with a fintech, in a simple and unbureaucratic way.

According to a study by the Fintech Mining Report in 2019, the country has 550 such institutions.

In this way, the possibilities for companies and people looking for a new loan format are opened. And, this is what we will discuss in this article, pointing out the 5 benefits when applying for a credit with a fintech. Come on?

1. Less bureaucracy – more agility

1. Less bureaucracy - more agility

Bureaucracy is a recurring problem in Brazil. Fortunately, fintechs allow access to credit to be made more bureaucratic than in banks and brokerage firms.

Some offer the possibility of hiring via online; others, such as private payroll loans in partnership with companies, make the process even more agile. Want to avoid bureaucracy? Fintechs bring this great benefit.

2. Best rates on the market

Another point that fintechs swim against the current of traditional financial institutions is the fees. Many of them offer lower interest rates, which are described at the time of hiring.

Forget those lowercase letters in your bank’s contract: a fintech is clear on the document and lets you know exactly what the interest rate is – which, as said, can be the best on the market, without the need to always keep your account active.

3. Various forms of credit


Different fintechs have particularities and varied forms of credit. This increases access to loans from individuals and companies, according to the need and type of contract.

Whether personal, business, private payroll loans, these institutions have extensive know-how in the services they serve. Still, it is worth noting: it is possible to have several forms of credit in just one fintech, which opens up the possibilities and streamlines the process.

4. Fintechs are democratic

Another unique benefit of fintechs: they are democratic. Banks and brokers have restrictions on several people who are not approved on the “cut line” of the profile analysis. Fintechs, in general, have a more comprehensive and flexible credit policy.

5. Are digital platforms

5. Are digital platforms

Perhaps what most makes fintechs grow in the credit market is the ease of being based in a digital environment. For those who do not have time or want to do it in the comfort of home or work, it becomes much easier.

Companies are also benefited: no more time is wasted with bank meetings for financing and payment of the various guides. With a digital device, be it smartphone, notebook, tablet or computer, you benefit from having a quick credit in the palm of your hand.

Knowing the 5 benefits when applying for a credit with a fintech, how about having it all in your company? Register on our website and contact us to know our service platform.

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